Main Gates: 938 84th Street SW, Everett
LTG#: 3206 (74-6644)
Director of Everett Operations: Carl Uvsted
Uprzedzenia: Brak

Federate Boeing's Everett factories have been in operation for nearly 90 years. Throughout that time they have been constructing most of the company's large passenger aircraft. There are ten factories currently in operation, five under the roof of the largest building in the world including the assembly line that makes the mammoth Boeing 828.

Surrounding the factories and the runways of Paine Field is housing for approximately 20 percent of the company's workers. The rent-free housing, uniformly provided with many free services, is designated for workers Federated Boeing considers too valuable to live away from the facility. The cost of maintaining the housing and security measures are worth it in this era of employee abductions and assassinations between rival megacorporations.

<<Rumors are that engineers have discovered a flaw in the wing supports of the huge 828 and are supposedly urging for a recall of the planes before something terrible happens.>>

Federated-Boeing’s Everett factories build the company’s huge aircraft and spaceplanes. There are ten factories in the facility, five of them under the roof of the largest building in the world, including the assembly line of the mammoth Boeing 828.

Surrounding the factories and runways of Paine Field is “Boeingville,” housing for about 25 percent of the corporation’s employees. The company supplies apartments and houses free of charge to certain employees, complete with free entertainment and utilities. Federated-Boeing Security provides round-the-clock police services for the corporate neighborhoods, making them some of the safest and cleanest in Seattle.

> That’s all fabulous if you like living in a gilded cage. FB Security has checkpoints and automatic gates at all of the entrances of the corp’s private neighborhoods, requiring a company-coded credstick for access. You live in a FB apartment (or house, if you’re important enough), shop at the company store, your kids go to the company school and the whole family sometimes spends its entertainment credits going out to the company-owned restaurant or movie theater for an evening. All “fringe benefits” provided to you gratis by the company, but specially designed so you can never really leave.

> Nuyen Nick

> The reason for all the “generosity” can be summed up in one word: security. Federated-Boeing isn’t a true megacorporation, but they’re pretty damn close and they’re prosperous enough to be the target of other corps and megacorps. The only way FB can maintain its edge is by holding on to its best personnel, protecting them from subversion and extraction attempts on the part of corps like Ares, Mitsuhama, Sikorsky-Bell and Saeder-Krupp. With its corporate communities, FB maintains an image as the kindly company taking care of its own, while at the same time protecting its interests.

> The FB Insider

> The FB Matrix host contains the top-secret design specs and similar intel on the planes being built at the facility, but the overlooked gem is the Green host system handling administration for FB housing and other facilities around the factories. You can pry all sorts of stuff out of the database about Federated-Boeing employees, enough to arrange a fairly trouble-free extraction.

> The Dead Deckers Society “In Kibo We Trust”

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