Położenie: Port of Tacoma Road and Marshall Avenue, Tacoma
LTG#: 5206 (19-9334)
Manager: Michael Robley
Uprzedzenia: Brak

Most of the special alloys and metals needed for Federate Boeing aircraft are forged here. The raw materials for the foundry are delivered at nearby docks then trucked into the factor for unloading into the maw of the huge forges. Considerable research takes place here as metallurgists mix various metals and experiment with new techniques in hopes of creating an alloy lighter and stronger than known before.

This plant produces most of the metals and alloys used by Federated-Boeing facilities in Seattle. Raw materials are delivered to the Tacoma docks, then trucked to huge foundries that crank out the aluminum, steel, tungsten and titanium alloys used in Federated aircraft and aircraft parts. Considerable research takes place at the metalworks, as metallurgists experiment with new mixes to produce lighter, stronger materials.

Security at the complex is fairly tight, though concentrated around the labs and other sensitive areas. Most of it consists of checkpoints, with maglocks and key cards required to get through. Federated has security personnel on duty 24 hours a day, and uses trained critters as watchdogs at night—mostly hell hounds, which seem to enjoy the environment of the metal foundries.

> The pressure is on in the metallurgy department. With corporations like Ares doing amazing drek creating new alloys in microgravity on board the orbitals, Federated- Boeing is starting to fall behind the SOTA. I hear they’re doing some interesting stuff with foamed aluminum and that they’re starting to go pretty far afield in search of new techniques, including tinkering with alchemy to produce new materials.

> Blue Steel

> Whatever Federated-Boeing is working on, Saeder- Krupp is interested in it. I was approached by certain parties representing SK who wanted to know more about research at the metalworks. I never deal with dragons, so I turned them down.

> Impact

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