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Picture from Paranormal Animals of North America

Scyphozoa fidealis[]

The Fideal is a soft-bodied invertebrate that resembles a jellyfish or Portugeuse Man O' War. It can reach well over 0.5 meters in diameter, with multiple tentacles of up to 0.75 meters in length. The jelly-like mass of the fideal is colorless and blends perfectly with water, almost undetectable by normal or thermographic vision.

The fideal feeds on small lake creatures, lashing out with its tentacles to trap and engulf its prey. It then devours its prey using corrosive secretions and enzymes produce by its body. It possesses limited mobility on land, able to ooze at a slow rate.

The fideal can be found throughout lakes and freshwater in North America. There are rumors that the fideal is a synthetically-created gene engineered creature.