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Fort Lewis is unique among Seattle’s districts as a military reservation under the jurisdiction of the UCAS federal government. In some ways Fort Lewis functions as extraterritorial property, but under the control of the UCAS military instead of a megacorporation.

Contrary to popular expectations, Fort Lewis is not a heavily guarded, impenetrable installation. With many of its facilities, such as the Zoological Gardens, open to the public, it cannot afford to be inaccessible. Perimeter security for the reservation consists of a single chain-link fence, topped with a roll of barbed concertina wire and occasionally patrolled by the military police. Security is considerably tighter along the border with the Salish-Shidhe Council, however, where the military uses reinforced barriers and armed Metroplex Guardsmen in scout vehicles and military helicopters.

Within Fort Lewis, security levels vary for different sites, depending on public access and each site’s importance or sensitivity to national security. For most of Fort Lewis, security is roughly analogous to downtown Seattle.

  • LTG Code: 22206
  • Size: 197 square kilometers
  • Population: 98,000
    • Human 61%
    • Elf 14%
    • Dwarf 3%
    • Ork 16%
    • Troll 3%
    • Other 3%
  • Hospitals and Clinics: 4
  • Major Corp Facilities: None
  • Major Gangs: None

Lone Star Security Ratings Edytuj

Patrolled by Lone Star, the Metroplex Guard and the UCAS Military Police (jurisdictions are in dispute). The Metroplex Guard and the UCAS Military Police consider each area to be at a security rating one rating higher than Lone Star’s rating.

  • AA: Spanaway Lake Housing (Officer Housing)
  • A: Bridgeport, Grey and Madigan Housing (military housing), Parkland (non-military housing)

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  • Angela’s - Średnia restauracja, włoska kuchnia.
  • Big “O” - Seedy strip bar, popularne miejsce spotkań shadowrunnerów.
  • Golden Soy - Średnia restauracja, chińska kuchnia.
  • Shy Giant - Średnia restauracja, kuchnia kalifornijska Siouxów, popularna wśród Rdzennych Amerykanów.

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  • Drunken Non-Com - Nightclub, popular with military types but does not admit trolls, possible Yakuza connections
  • Lost Unicorn - Bar, said to be haunted by the ghost of a unicorn run over in the street outside
  • The Terrible Taps - Medium restaurant and bar, corporate security people come here to get tanked after work

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