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Fuchi Industrial Electronics Corporation

Wartośc AAA
Centrala firmy Tokyo, Japonia
Prezes/CEO Richard Villiers
Przewodniczący Rady Nadzorczej {{{przewodniczący}}}
Status Korporacji prywatna
Główni udziałowcy *Richard Villiers 35% (około)
  • Shikei Nakatomi 32% (około)
  • Korin Yamana 30% (około)


Fuchi Industrial Electronics
Mistrzowie decków, software-u i Black IC. Centrala: Tokio
Fuchi - (po jakimś czasie upadła - za to dołączyły Novatech i Wuxing)
o Novatech i Wuxing nie wiemy zbyt wiele - pojawiły się w późniejszych dodatkach.
Przewodniczący rady nadzorczej bd

Aerospace 7
Rolnictwo 2
Biotechnology (Biotechnologia: badania i inżynieria genetyczna) 3
Przemysł chemiczny 2
Inżynieria komputerowa 11
Informatyka 10
Dobra konsumpcyjne 7
Cybernetyka 8
Rozrywka 5
Finanse 5
Przemysł ciężki 7
Dobra i usługi mistyczne 5
Technologie wojskowe 8
Usługi 5
Operacje fiskalne 10
Operacje wywiadowcze 8
Zarządzanie 6
Reputacja 6
Całkowity rozmiar jednostek Kompania
Trening i jakość Wyśmienita
Ochrona (ogólnie) 8
Ochrona magiczna 6
Ochrona - matryca 11
Ochrona fizyczna 8

Branże w których się specjalizuje
The consummate high-tech company, Fuchi develops state-of-the-art hardware and software for the corporate, industrial, and military markets. Through its various Oddziały, the corp handles all facets of the process, from pure research and development to mass production and marketing. Numerous smaller Oddziały also sell certain products directly to end-users. Sidelines include management consulting, contract programming and development, and technical troubleshooting services.
Struktura korporacji
A consortium of the Villiers, Nakatomi, and Yamana families owns Fuchi Industrial Electronics Corporation, the heart of the Fuchi industrial empire. Though various members of the three families own stock, only the heads of the respective clans vote all of the shares owned. The percentage ownership figures for Richard Villiers, Shikei Nakatomi, and Korin Yamana in the PROFIL at right reflect voting control, not personal ownership.
Richard Villiers officially resides in New York, though he spends most of his time at Fuchi Centrala: in Tokio. Thoughhe currently wields the greatest power over corp policy among the three factions, this balance between Villiers and his partners has changed in the past and may change again. The three families who own Fuchi have an efficient, but far from cordial, relationship requiring a constant tightrope act by each family head. Each group has its own "'empire," a group of Oddziały and subsidiaries that it either owns outright or controls. Like any group of good little corporate moguls, each family tries to expane its empire at the expense of the others without triggering infighting that might damage the profits of the corporation as a whole. No sense fighting for a bigger share of a shrinking pie, after all. So far, this uneasy balance between division profit and corp-wide profit has kept Fuchi's three families from crossing the line into no-holds-barred confilct.
Główne oddziały
Fuchi Industrial Electronics Corporation follows a straightforward hierarchical structure. The central corp has three continential Oddziały:

  • Fuchi Americas,
  • Fuchi Pan-Europa, and
  • Fuchi Asia.
  • Fuchi Orbital, a fourth major division, handles the corp's considerable assets located in low earth orbit. These include various manufacturing facilities run by computer and telepresence operators and two small orbital habitats. Under the current division of power, the Yamana faction runs Fuchi Pan-Europa (renamed from the old Fuchi Europe division), Nakatomi runs Fuchi Asia, and Villiers controls Fuchi Americas. Control of the new Fuchi Orbital division fluctuates between the three families.

At last count, Fuchi's major continental Oddziały comprised thirty-one regional subOddziały, such as Fuchi Northwest, Fuchi Caribe, Fuchi Nihon, and so on. These subOddziały encompass smaller functional Oddziały, such as Fuchi Internal Security and Fuchi Orbital Transport. As their names imply, the former acts as the megacorp's primary intelligence-gathering arm, and the latter handles communications and transportation between Earth and the corp's orbital assets.
KIEROWNICTWO (Executives & Big Wigs):
CEO Richard Villiers
(no acting Exec VP), Fuchi America
San-yo Ohara
Executive VP, Fuchi Pan-Europa
Noriko Sakai
Executive VP, Fuchi Asia
Jacques LeMer
Executive VP, Fuchi Orbital
Samantha Villiers
VP, Fuchi Northwest
Dr. Ben Bleiler
VP, Fuchi Systems Design, Seattle
Miles Lanier
VP, Fuchi Internal Security
Znani współpracownicy
Buzz, C2 developer & beta-tester

'Principal Division: Fuchi Systems Design
Division Head: Samantha Villiers
Chief Products/Services: Research, design andproduction of advanced technology for the corporate, military and industrial markets

Business Profile: Fuchi Industrial Electronics is owned and operated by a consortium of three clans, the Yamana and Nakatomi families of Japan and the Villiers family of New York. Relations between the families are less than cordial but efficiently business-like. The first ASIST Simulated Senses technology marketed by the company was an instant success, establishing the corporation right away and allowing it to withstand a billion-dollar international patent violation suit by ESP Systems of Chicago. Fuchi Industrial was a pioneer in cyberdeck technology and remains on the cutting edge of that field today.

Security/Military Forces: Information not available.

Fuchi Industrial Electronics Compound[]

Położenie: Twenty-first Avenue South and Massachusetts Street, Downtown
LTG#: 206 (52-6605)
Vice President of NW Operations: Darren Villiers
Uprzedzenia: Brak

The Fuchi Compound was built in 2019, destroyed during the Night of Rage then rebuilt in 2042. Seven skyscrapers, each a different height, encircle the central building. At night, all the buildings light up and advertise Fuchi products.

The Fuchi megacorporation, which manufactures computers, simsense equipment and other electronics has three major factories: one downtown and two in the Bellevue district.

Fuchi Research Compound[]

Położenie: Sixth Street SE and 112th Avenue SE, Bellevue
LTG#: 9206 (78-3147)
Senior Vice President in Charge of Seattle Operations: Darren Villiers
Uprzedzenia: Brak

Fuchi has had laboratories in Bellevue ever since the megacorporation was founded. At first, Fuchi's presence was nothing more than a small group of rented offices. Today, the compound consists of two enormous skyscrapers.