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Background: G-Dogg (no one calls him Gerome) is a native of the Barrens, a blasted landscape that sprawls over the remains of Redmond. Toughened by a hard life in an irradiated wilderness, G-Dogg wants "a taste of the sweet" and spends a lot of his time in the hot spots downtown.

His presence at clubs like Dante's Inferno and Club Penumbra brought him into contact with both shadowrunners and their employers, and he quickly discovered that an individual of his size, talents and flexible moral outlook could have a bright future in freelance operations. His first run brought him a nice haul, but this nest egg was wiped out when he was crippled by a shot in the back, the money going to an augmentation pack that further boosts his upper-body strength.

Despite this setback, G-Dogg is still available for runs to supplement his income from bouncing at clubs. (When he was rich, he had an apartment on fashionable Queen Anne Hill, now his digs are in the considerably less fashionable orkish community beneath Seattle.)

G-Dogg is a likeable, social individual who has the basic 411 on most of the runners currently in business. He also trades in street gossip and corporate dirt. He is more than willing to share what he knows, hooking up likely runners with clients and directing needy clients to runners with soft spots and/or similar political agendas. Having gotten his break into the industry, he's more than willing to help others do the same. Of course, if he ever finds the jerk who shot him in the back ...

Tactics and Secrets: Who wouldn't want this big bad ork backing them up on a mission? With an abundance of yellow and blue dice, G-Dogg is made to close the gap and start pounding the competition. His longer-than-average blue range (12") helps compensate for his lower Head values and relatively few white movement dice. Let the blue dice fly using his taser and Remington 990 in short-range combat. A Stun Attack ace on a fresh opponent can clear the way for G-Dogg's teammates to clean up. Plus, with a chance of picking up some shields on the way down his Body dial, G-Dogg is a great close-combat choice.

General Information Name G-Dogg Type N/A Rank N/A Point Value 3 Collector's Number 004 Rarity N/A Tournament Status Active

Additional Information Damage Bonus Dice Machete Slots:2 Remington 990 Slots:5 Scanner Slots:2 Stim Kit Slots:3 Taser Slots:2

Set Shadowrun: Duels Set 1




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