830 SE Shoreland Drive

The Gates Casino is the most biz-friendly joint in the area. This sprawling, opulent casino was built by Charles Gates, father of Microdeck’s CEO, Brian Gates III. An eccentric’s eccentric, Charles loved spending his family’s considerable fortune. He went all-out when he built the casino back in the 2030s, creating one of the most impressive vice palaces in Western North America, outdoing some of the most outlandish places down in Vegas.

The casino offers all the usual games of chance (blackjack, roulette, poker and such), along with plenty of ultra-sophisticated virtual reality games and entertainments. The Gates is also rumored to offer a fair amount of not-so-clean fun. It definitely has ties with the Finnigan Family of the Seattle Mafia, who run illegal money-laundering operations through the Gates, along with handling most of the under-the-table games of chance and providing “professional escorts” for the high rollers.

>>The Gates isn’t entirely the domain of the Finnigans these days. Don Bigio has brought in people from the Ciarniello family to help handle the casino’s books and oversee some of the money-laundering operations, supposedly because “Numbers” Ciarniello runs the best Mob accountants in the plex, but mainly because Bigio wants to weaken the Finnigans and Dona O’Malley. This strategy may end up backfiring, because it may give O’Malley a chance to coopt some of the Ciarniellos and worm her way into an alliance with old Vince Ciarniello (or his heir).<<

>>Nobody really knows what happened to Charlie Gates. He disappeared not long after he built the casino. Some say the Mob took him out for crossing them; others say he was suffering from a rare and fatal disease, or that he simply wanted out of the corporate rat-race and decided to slip quietly away. Some even say he’s still the power behind the throne at Microdeck.<<
- Mole-Man

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