15th Avenue NE and 42nd Street NE

Gianelli’s serves the best Italian food in Tacoma, but don’t go there just to eat. The restaurant is owned by Tony Gianelli, a former Mafia capo and Don Bigio’s mentor and consiglieri. Old Tony is still tough as nails, despite his kindly-Italian-grandfather look. He’s a widower with no sons, and considers Maurice Bigio as close as his own flesh and blood.

Though it’s a popular hangout with the local Mafiosi and the owner is a personal advisor to the Don of Seattle, Gianelli’s is completely legal. Lone Star can’t connect any of the restaurant’s money or Gianelli’s income with the Mob, and his books are squeaky clean. Gianelli claims to be just an old man enjoying his semi-retirement by running a little restaurant, but don’t buy it for a second.

> I’ll second Angel’s comment. When he was a Mafia Don, Tony Gianelli earned himself the nickname “Terrible Tony.” He ran his family with an iron hand, and his reprisals against his enemies were swift and brutal. Maurice Bigio was one of Gianelli’s top musclemen in those days; he earned the nickname “Butcher” carrying out Gianelli’s orders. Gianelli may look like a harmless old guy, but he’s one of the most powerful men in Seattle. Cross him, and the entire Mafia is honor-bound to make you regret it.

> Ricochet Rita

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