20-507: Go-Gangers Edytuj

4 Characters, 2 Bikes
Price: $9.25
Figures: 4 (+1 bike)
Parts: 5
Publish Date: 1991

Overview: This set of four figures actually only has two characters in it: one male and one female, human or elf go-ganger, each with and without Yamaha Rapier motorcycle.

  • The male is depicted as riding on the bike while holding his Colt M22-A2 assault rifle,
  • as well as standing (or perhaps striding? the pose is a bit strange), pointing with that same rifle while reaching for a handgrenade.
  • The woman walks forward, holding an HK227 SMG at the ready,
  • while the other figure is her leaning against her bike (another Rapier) with the SMG. It would, however, have been much better if she'd been riding the bike rather than sitting on it, as that pose would have been much more useful for a game. Detail and anatomy are good on both figures, though the one riding the bike can be difficult to paint. The woman has to be glued onto her bike, but no more assembly is required, as the male is cast in one piece with his.
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