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Ilustracja z Paranormal Animals of Europe

Draco odiosus fabulosus[]

The Gorgon is a large seagoing dracoform that barely resembles any of the other known dragons. It's long gilled neck, surrounded by a crowning ring of appendages and lack of any wings marks this creature as very different. Since none have ever been captured, and only a single specimen was ever made available for dissection, not much is known of these creatures and any degrees of sentience remain undiscovered.

The gorgon is an amphibious dracoform, approximately 8 meters long, with powerful limbs and a ruff of loose skin around the throat. Its feet are webbed and clawed, and a ridge of spines runs down its back. A ring of snakelike appendages, each roughly 18 inches long and ending in small spheres, springs from the crown of its head. Gorgons lack wings but have well-concealed gills along the neck. They appear to be carnivores and are known to hunt metahumans.

B: 11/2 Q: 4 x 4 S: 10 C:I: 2/4 W: 4 E: 6Z R: 4

INIT: 4 + 1D6
Attacks: 8D, +1 Reach
Powers: Innate Spell (Lightning Bolt, Petrify), Noxious Breath, Paralyzing Touch, Petrifying Gaze, Venom, Weather Control

Optional Powers: Sapience, Dragonspeech

Weaknesses: Dietary Requirement (Heavy Petroleum Oils)
Notes: Quickness multiplier for swimming is 5.