Hacker House is a large online black market clearinghouse of Matrix utilities guaranteed to satisfy any decker. They also act as a fence and a software pirate haven, and have top-notch programmers and beta-testers working for the shadow community at market prices.

Hacker House was started by Fred Corley, Erica Kunkel, and Santiago Fernandez, three disgruntled corporate employees who were tired of punching code for corporate masters. With a cache of stolen programs and a few shadowruns, they set up shop with thier own server and cranked out new programs like there was no tomorrow. The group is now a thriving cooperative business consisting of twenty or so of talented wizkid deckers and programmers.

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The Hacker House is set up like a museum, with various programs listed as museum exhibits. Each program has a full multimedia presentation on its statistics and effectiveness. One-shot self erasing versions of the programs can be tested at 10 percent of the purchasing price, which applies as credit toward the full program purchase.

The black, cutting-edge programs are housed in a separate part of the museum, and it takes 100 nuyen simply to access it. Black IC, Black Hammer utilities, even the occasional BTL can be found here. They do not offer demos of these programs.

No full-sized programs are actually stored in the host. When purchased, the Hacker House sends a chip with the program on it to a designated drop point.

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