Typ: Uliczny
Teren: Downtown
Kolory: Pomarańczowy i czarny
Rasa: Ludzie
Przywódca: Charles The Red (w 2050); Slash-and-Burn (2055)

The Halloweeners are one of the more ferocious gangs of Seattle. Their symbol is a flaming Jack O’Lantern and their colors are black and orange. They have their beginning several years ago, but began in their present form a few years back when the original gang was decimated by a Renraku strike team. Since then the gan has been reincarnated with the idea of attacking Renraku. The gang’s boss, Slash & Burn, initiates new members by having them break into a corporate installation and by having them stand in a circle of flames for as long as he remembers being trapped in the burning ruins of the gang’s old headquarters. They are well known for using pyrotechnical weapons and for crazy stunts.

The Halloweeners - The largest, and by far the most psychotic, gang in Downtown Seattle. They started as a thriller gang out to make some cred and have some fun robbing the district's rich folk. Then they missed with a particular High level Renraku Executive - a bad mistake. Renraku securtiy decided to teach the gang a lesson, and sent a team of operatives to follow them to their hideout. The ensuing gun battle left the hideout in flames and most of the original gangers dead. Only Slash-and-Burn,the gangs current leader, and two others survived. After that, Slash decided to make all corporations pay for what he considered to be Renraku's misdeed, and opened the gang to anyone willing to take on the corps. As a result the Halloweeners claim the greatest racial diversity of any other local gang. Halloweener colors are orange nd black , typically black clothing with orange bandanas tied around arms, legs, and neck. Their symbol is a jack o'lantern against a fiery background, befitting Slash's pyromania. The gangers wearing gaudy halloween masks while comitting crimes. Slash wears various masks all the time to disguise the horrible burn scars on his neck and face.

Updated for Fourth Edition:

Since the Crash the Ancients decimated the Halloweeners in 2064. However, they have managed to rebuild themselves once again. Only a few Halloweeners from before the Ancients battle are left and they serve as the gang lieutenants, known as “Ragers.” They fight exclusively with flame based weapons and are seeking to rebuild the gang to its former glory.

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