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Jason M. Hardy długoletni fan SR, autor powieści Drops of Corruption.

W 2009 został głównym developerem Shadowrun RPG.

He also wrote the following short Stories:

  • "The Heart of Gaia" for the Shadowrun Aniversary Rule Book,
  • "Sunshine over your Shoulder" for the location sourcebook "Seattle 2072",
  • "Shadowrunning A To Z" and
  • "The Source of the Amazon" for the background sourcebook "Sixth World almanac".
  • for the "Spells & Chrome"-Anthology and
  • "Unmaking the Man" - free short Story on

For the following books he wrote various content:

  • "Sixth World Almanac" - Writing, developement, editing
  • "Corporate Guide" - Writing, developement, editing
  • "Attitude" - Writing, developement, editing
  • "Battlerun" - a Battletech/Shadowrun-Crossover-Core Rule Book (free Pdf-only-Give-away, published as an April's fool on April first 2009)

As an editor he participated in the following books:

(Attention: this list isn't complete in any means)

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