20-564 (old): Harlequin & Ehran the Scribe Edytuj

Price: unknown
Figures: 2
Parts: 2
Publish Date: 1991
Overview: Everybody's favorite (or perhaps the opposite) immortal elves feature in this set, taken from the ending of the Harlequin adventure/campaign book, both holding swords and looking ready to duel. Harlequin is wearing a long coat and street clothes, much like in the end of the adventure, while Ehran's clothing has been copied from the color art in Tir Tairngire (which can therefore be used as a painting guide). Too bad his facial features weren't taken from that book as well—the ones on the figure hardly resemble those in the book, which is a pity. A similar comment could be applied to Harlequin, however by painting his face in his full "war paint" this is not so apparent as with Ehran. Apart from this, the figures are rather good, even if they are of little use in a game; if you like the adventure this is a set you might want to own.
Notes: This set has been replaced by Harlequin & Aina, with the same number but a different figure for Harlequin.

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