Headache Edytuj

Source: Shadowland Volume #1, October/November/December 1995
Author: Chris Hussey
Page: 38
Edition: any
Plot: Only a short adventure, in Headache (it doesn't appear to have any other title) the runners are asked a favor by one of their contacts: he or she needs the PCs to retrieve an item from a monorail station, which a hit team is after. It's up to the players to fight off this hit team and deliver the item to their contact.
Thoughts: The intention is that this adventure can be played in a single session, or be fitted into a larger run, and for this it's quite suitable. It could be built into a true adventure (for instance by having the contact turn up dead and leaving the PCs with the unidentified item while everybody is after them), but as written it's not much more than a diversion from more serious shadowruns. Still, it's good as an in-between adventure.

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