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Autor: Mel Odom
Data wydania: 1 luty 1998 (wrzesień 1997)
ISBN: 0-451-45614-9
ISBN 0451456149
288 stron
Okładka: Les Dorscheid
Shadowrun #27

Cytat na okładce:
A Dead Man Can Still Be A Wanted Man

Jack Slater i jego grupa shadowrunnerów zostają wnajeci do spenetrowania najnowocześniejszych zabezpieczeń wokół domu pogrzebowego i odzyskania zwłok podwójnego agenta - gorący towar, w którym tkwi klucz do zabójstwa.

Someboby aced the dragon Dunkelzahn, and one the mysterious links to the assassination is flat on his back in slab city: a double agent with two identities - both out of commission. Now he's the most-wanted carcass in Tacoma. Jack Skater's mission? Sleaze past the high tech funeral security, outwit the Knight Errants, cop the stiff and keep it on ice long enough to get the answer to the shadowrunners' life-and-death question: what's so hot about a stone-cold corpse?

And that isn't all that's dropped Skater elf-deep in dreak - the UCAS Secret Service is also after the dead man's secret - and the goverment blue crews are prepared to liquidate anything in sight to get to it first...

[[1]] Jack Slater and his team have been hired to retrieve a corpse from a high-security funeral home. The body contains something of great significance to their client?and the two top-flight security forces pursuing them?but whatever it is, it?s also protected by hard-wired wizardry. With the enemy closing in, and his shadowrunning team forced into a corner, Jack is hoping he has one more trick up his sleeve....