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This aptly named stretch of land lies west of Carbanado, running up to the shores of the Puyallup River.
It’s made up of black lava flats, boiling mud fields, steam geysers and dunes of gray ash. Very little lives in this inhospitable wasteland except for some Awakened creatures and a few hardy squatters.

After the eruption of Mount Rainier, several corporations tried building geothermal power plants atop the solidified lava flows to take advantage of the steam geysers and thermal pockets. The Computer Crash put an end to further construction, and the existing power plants were left to rust. The few people living in Hell’s Kitchen have taken refuge in some of the old plant buildings.

>>>>>[Hell’s Kitchen is, ironically, one of the few places in Puyallup where astral space has not been tainted by violence, pollution or ecological devastation. Though the lava fields and mud flats are bleak, they represent a renewal of life and the power of nature. Many of us sensitive to such things find the stark beauty of Hell’s Kitchen refreshing. Some shamans in Puyallup travel into the lava fields on spirit-quests, and enchanters can often find unspoiled materials for their work here: crystals, metals, stones and similar treasures of the Earth.]<<<<<

>>>>>[A company in Auburn called Hell’s Kitchen Tours gives helicopter rides over the area for tourists, so they can see the lava fields and geysers and drek from a safe distance.
Some of the chopper pilots, for an additional fee, can be persuaded to land in the more open stretches of the fields to drop off passengers, then (hopefully) return later to collect them.]<<<<<
-Electron Glider