Położenie: NE 153rd Place and 154th Avenue NE, Redmond
LTG#: 11206 (65-2678)
Chief of Administration: Dr. Edison Oiszewski
Uprzedzenia: Przeciwko Metaludziom

>>>>>[This small hospital is typical of those in the Redmond Barrens. Most of the staff are not fully licensed doctors, the labs and surgical theaters are lacking essential equipment and many rooms do not come close to meeting sanitation standards. Heavy security is another unfortunate fact of life for any Barrens hospital. To protect itself from radical policlubs, chipheads and thieving squatters, the hospital must employee armed guards at all times.]<<<<<

>>>>>[The administraor of Hollywood Hospital was a combat surgeon with the MCT armed forces before they bounced him for giving aid and comfort to the enemy.]<<<<<

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