20-502: Human Street Samurai Edytuj

Cena: $5.50
Figures: 3
Parts: 3
Publish Date: 2001
Overview: These three figures are armed for a full-scale war, it seems. All three are male, and as the set's title indicates, human. I like the sword-waving figure, who's further armed with an SCK Model 100 SMG and an AK-97 in addition to a pistol and some grenades, even though his left hand had broken off on my example and had to be put back on with the help of some thin brass wire and lots of superglue. The figure with his foot up in the air is a bit of a strange one, pose-wise; he looks reasonably balanced, but what the hell is he doing standing there like that? It's probably best to glue some kind of box or something under his left foot to make him look less like a psycho ballet dancer. This guy is armed with a CMDT, some grenades, and a sword by the way. The third figure is not as good as the others, in that he's severely unbalanced holding an Ares MP-LMG as he does, his head appears too small, and not to mention he looks as if he ran face-first into a brick wall! In addition to his machine gun, he carries an SCK Model 100 and a few hand grenades.

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