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  • 2023 - powstanie organizacji
  • 2049 - poliklub Synowie Saurona organizuje atak przeciwko centrali Humanis policlub Seattle, w UCAS. Ginie 38 osób, a rannych liczy się w setkach.

Humanis is one of the most powerful policlubs in Seattle. It grew from an alliance of racist and hate groups aimed at “protecting humans against the rising threat of mutation”—mutation being Humanis-speak for metahumanity.
The group maintains that humans are genetically and culturally superior to metahumans, and want metahumanity treated as a disease rather than a natural state of being. Publicly, the Humanis Policlub works against metahuman-rights legislation and lobbies for laws that favor humans over metahumans. Behind the scenes, the policlub is responsible for a great deal more.
Humanis operates as a front organization for anti- Awakened terrorist groups like Alamos 20,000, Human Nation, the Hand of Five and others.
These guys are the hard-core racists, people who will kill or maim for their cause, or people who think bashing in a few metahuman skulls is a good way to spend a Saturday night. The public arm of Humanis denies any involvement with terrorist activities, of course. Local chairman Karl Brackhaven, the group’s regular spokesman to the news media, keeps saying so (and we all believe him, don’t we?).

The Humanis Policlub is best described as a political/fraternal organization. Much like the “secret societies” of past decades (the Masons, Knights of Columbus and so on), Humanis offers many different levels of involvement. Some members use Humanis as a comfortable kind of club where they can go to escape their spouse and jaw in a relatively harmless way about the metahuman that lives down the street and the things he does that they don’t like. Others achieve the highest ranks of the organization, where they wield significant influence over public and corporate policy through their position on boards of directors or contributions to political campaigns.
While Humanis does affect the lives of everyday people in a really major way, they really aren’t responsible for beatings and firebombings.

Now, Humanis does have some goals that can only succeed by more direct action. In order to keep their hands clean, they quietly fund such associations as Alamos 20,000, the Hand of Five and other terrorist groups. Obviously, an organization like the Humanis Policlub can only be hurt by having such brutalities as the bombing of the Sears Tower and hundreds of daily, isolated incidents of violence pinned to their coattails. While such activities certainly serve their agenda on one level, they destroy their credibility on another. So Humanis draws in members and quietly diverts the most violent and virulent to Alamos 20K and their ilk. A neat progression that no one can prove and no one can stop.

A third type of group does exist, but in such a shadowy and unsubstantiated way that they are generally dismissed as rumors and stories made up to frighten naughty children. The most commonly mentioned example of this type of group is the Human Nation—a sort of social Darwinist organization comprised of wealthy men and women who believe that excessive nuyen and the attendant power give them the right to play with other people’s (read: metahumans’) lives. These people view metahumanity as an impurity in the genetic code of the human race and proceed under the assumption that there must be a way to rid the world of their presence. They fund experimentation on metahumans, using them as lab rats for their attempts to wipe out the magical races and as test subjects for all sorts of ugly, cruel projects that should have died with Mengele. The truly horrifying aspect of these rich bastards is that they spend an equal amount of cred on charitable organizations that actually serve humankind in a positive- agenda kind of way. Sick, sick, sick.


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