Depending on how difficult the security is on the premises, Infiltration may or may not be an option. Either way, it is best to spend as little time as possible during infiltration. The longer you stay, the easier it is to get caught.

The Soft method Edytuj

This method involves posing as one of a variety of innocuous bystanders, from a junior intern to a garbage truck operator. The main problem is trying to figure out the best identity to assume, and forging the correct biometrics for the identity. A variation of this method is to control or infiltrate the working drones at a facility... there is a lot that a Brushbot 3000 can see. If the magical security is low to non-existant, you can astrally project into an area and infiltrate... you will get less intel, but it is simple and effective.

More options are open for the Decker, as they can edit personnel records to append a new worker file to the main identification computer. This especially is true for corporations that do not sub-contract their security (who tend to keep a separate ID database on their premises). It is quite common for positions to be filled and not updated at the security computers, but it means that you will be subject to a higher level of scrutiny and the SR-o-meter goes up. Remember to find out how to obtain your passcodes and security biometrics... find out what building to pick them up and register them.

Another option is to take advantage of subcontracted services. Unless the Corporation is a triple-A megacorp with huge resources at their disposal, certain services will usually be subcontracted. For example: Mafia-controlled Garbage Unions for waste disposal, medical services, psychiatric and psychology services, independent review boards, health inspectors, communications technicians, etc. You would be given a limited amount of time to perform infiltration, but it is certainly less hairy and conspicuous than creating a corporate identity.

  • Use Disguise and Forgery to assume an identity and create the appropriate biometrics. Physical Mask can substitute for a disguise, and Control Thoughts or other spells can substitute for Forgery.
  • Use MIJI tests to take over a drone, or Stealth tests to sneak your own drone onto the premises.

Decking into Personnel Records Edytuj

  • 1) Log into the system
  • 2) Browse for the SAN dealing with Personnel Records
  • 3) Log into the SAN
  • 4) Append your file or modify an existing file with Read/Write
  • 5) Flag status of the user using Verify Passcode
  • 6) Erase portions of the system log pertaining to your actions
  • 7) Graceful Logoff

The Hard method Edytuj

Coercing a worker (by hook or by crook) has advantages of greater access, but it comes at a cost of complicating the run. It helps to pick a loner or someone who is not closely affiliated with the company... the disgruntled employee often has more self-serving interests than the happy employee who believes the corp is more important than family. It also means no one will miss him/her if the employee needs to be neutralized. Control Thoughts, Brainwashing, and certain kinds of psychotropic simsense can also "condition" your lackey to be more pliable.

Unfortunately, the most loyal lapdogs often are the ones with the most access, which means you may have to do some pretty hard "convincing" to get favorable results. Everyone has a price, everyone has a weakness, but it may be difficult to exploit such weaknesses.

Corporate Culture is often key in determining how loyal the wageslaves are to the company. In a strong corporate support environment, with family social supports, a corporate wageslave leads a comfortable life, one that they are not so willing to trade away or betray. With enough conditioning (psychotropic or otherwise), some employees will put the corporation ahead of even their own lives.

If kept alive, the employee WILL tell the police or corporation about you at some point (probably under duress), so you better have some good blackmail or a reason to keep the sad sop alive.

  • Use Negotiation or Intimidation or Interrogation (Torture) to "convince" a person to help you, depending on the loyalty of the individual to the corporation.
  • Psychology can be used either as a complementary skill for convincing or a primary skill to assess the social structure of the working environment.
  • Corporate Culture or a similar skill can be used in assessing the overall culture of a corporation and how the wageslaves feel about the corporation.

Matrix Searches Edytuj

  • Simple searches can be used to find news-items pertaining to the corporation involved. Of particular interest is obituaries (which can be used in forging IDs) and hot scandals (leads for blackmail material)
  • Standard searches can be used to dig deeper on information pertaining to particular corporate officers and wageslaves (such as family, friends, habits, etc.) or subcontracted services that visit the corporation.
  • Complex searches can be used to find blackmail tidbits that can be used. Anything from Medical records to criminal records. You can also find elements that can be used in solidifying a forged identity (for example, using Graduation records from BYU to create an "intern" identity to infiltrate a local Beltway Bandit corporation).

The Short Version Edytuj

  • Pose as a janitor or intern
  • Control/Infiltrate the cleaning drone
  • Deck into the Personnel records
  • Conduct a Matrix Search to get blackmail information or forgery details
  • Seduce/compromise an employee (if possible)
  • Get what you need, and get out
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