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A Jauchekafer (Jauchekäfer is German and means “sullage bug” in English) is a larged winged beetle, approximately 80 centimeters in length, that have infested all of the known habitats that consist of waste, filth and rot. Since they exist on most of the chemical and bacterial waste from metahumanity, most chemical and biological insecticides do absolutely nothing to them.

Chemical “triggers” can also cause unnatural aggressive behavior in the beetles, stimulating swarms of the bugs to attack anything nearby, which tends to be groups of metahumans. Since they live in the toxic waste of our cities and countries, their normal attacks can carry ill-fortuned side effects.

This large, winged beetle is 80 centimeters long; the male sports enlarged, antlerlike jaws about 40 centimeters long. The jauchekafer’s body is black, with dark brown front wings and reddish-yellow hind wings whose span covers more than a meter. A scavenger, it consumes carrion and toxic wastes.

B: 3/2 Q: 3 x 3 S: 2 C:I: 1/3 W: 3 E: 6 R: 2

INIT: 2 + 1D6
Attacks: 3L/4M
Powers: Immunity (Pathogens, Poisons), Venom
Notes: Males use Damage Code 4M, females 3L.

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