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Jedna z dzielnic Seattle. Poniżej lista miejsc, które można tam spotkać

Council Island, formerly Mercer Island, is approximately 25 square kilometers of land rising up from the depths of Lake Washington. The only way to reach the island by automobile is via the intercity bridge. The other was in is by ferry from various points along the shore of Lake Washington.

There are only 3,000 inhabitants on Council Island. Many are diplomats and their families from the Salish-Shide Council and other Native American Nations, the rest are the rangers and scientists who care for the island's wildlife. The only non-Native American residents are vetrinarians from the University of Washington, translators, chauffers and others whose services are vital to the Council's functioning.

Population: 3,000

  Human: 34%
  Elf: 32%
  Dwarf: 4%
  Ork: 21%
  Troll: 4%
  Other: 5%

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