Everett Edytuj

Bounded on the north by the lands of the Salish-Shidhe, on the west by Puget Sound and on the east and south by the District of Snohomish, Everett is the northern-most district of the Seattle metroplex. The Snohomish River cuts through the district's Northeast section. A series of ridges and ills divides the southeastern sector while the rest of the land is relatively flat.

Almost a third of the district's population is of Canadian Ancestry. There is also a significant percentage of German and Scandinavian descendants.

<<Neither the Mafia nor the Yakuza are deeply involved with Everett. Of the two the Mafia is in the strongest position in the district. Gerard Vigilla, trusted confidant of Don James O'Malley, is head of the Everett Mafia. Yakuza controls the commercial docks as well as some of the district's smaller businesses.

Two Seoulpa Rings operate on the outskirts of the Everett underworld.>>

Population: 229,000

  Human: 72%
  Elf: 14%
  Dwarf: 1%
  Ork: 11%
  Troll: 1%
  Other: 1%

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