Fort Lewis Edytuj

is bordered by the District of Tacoma to the north. Puyallup to the east, the waters of the Puget Sound to the south and southwest. The district itself is a broad expanse of marshes, forests and the occasional hill that levels out near the Puget Sound.

The district's population is sparse. Most inhabitants are soldiers, either for the Seattle Metroplex Guard or various corporation units and their families. Housing is provided by the city and the megacorporations near Intercity 5.

In addition, a heavy flow of people pass continually through Fort Lewis. These include shamans who have their medicine lodges in the woods, many Salish-Shidhe citizens who assist the foresters and garden-keepers and residents of Puyallup on their way downtown.


  Human: 61%
  Elf: 14%
  Dwarf: 3%
  Ork: 16%
  Troll: 3%
  Other: 3%

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