The pedestrian counterparts of the go-gangs are the street gangs. Street gangs, or "thrillers," lay claim to sections of city blocks that they call their "zones." The typical street gang has at least 20 members, each classified in one of four categories: Warriors, Pounders, Breeders and Thieves. Each group plays its specific role in the overall function of the gang. A gang usually does not make a distinction between men and women, preferring simply to use their strongest members as Warriors and Pounders, the most agile as Thieves and the prettiest as their Breeders. Large, abandoned apartment buildings are a favorite hideout for most street gangs. All in all, the thriller gangs tend to live the same dirty, morally corrupt lifestyle as their mechanized bretheren on the highways.

According to some estimates, there are almost 300 known street gangs in Seattle. Most are confined to the Redmond and Puyallup Barrens, but each district has its own particular plague of thrillers. No one living anywhere in the Seattle area can ever feel totally safe from the threat of gangs.

Some of the major gangs of the Redmond Barrens are the Rusted Stilettos, the Crimson Crush, the Brain Eaters and the Red Hot Nukes. The Puyallup Barrens are infested with gangs such as the Black Rains, the Silent Ps and the Reality Hackers. Downtown Seattle is the unwilling host of the Cutters, Troll Killers, Bloody Screamers, Disassemblers and Halloweeners.

>>>>>[The names may be different, but one thing they all have in common is a love, almost a need, for violence.]<<<<<

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