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Gang motocyklowy.

Grupa składająca się z 50 - 100 członków (mężczyzn i kobiet) na motocyklach (i podobnych pojazdach), którzy uważają część autostrady za własną. Go gangi są niezwykle okrutne, często bez powodu. Oprócz prostych przestępstw, jak rozwal-i-uciekaj, go gangi często mają powiązana ze zorganizowanymi grupami przestępczymi, zajmującymi się narkotykami, symstymem, wymuszeniami oraz prostytucją.

Another problem of Seattle's are the bike gangs who menace travel along the plex's highways and streets. Go-gangs are groups of from 50 to 100 men and women on motoercycles who commit acts of random violence and extort protection money from local businesses. The go-gangers often modify their motocycles to amke them look more fearsome by the addition of metal spikes and shark fins. Most bikes also carry at least one slug-throwing weapon welded onto the chassis. These can be fired from the front of the side of the bike.

Go-gangs boldly claim long stretches of road as their own territory and they will defend their "path of crete" against any incursion. When go-gangs butt heads, they race up and down a stretch of highway (usually an interchange between two highways), shooting at one another and sometimes jousting like black knights of old. The gangs call these battles "crash-and-burn fests." Fortunately they tend to limit them to the late evening hours when most citizens are safe at home.

Most go-gangs in Seattle have ties to either the Mafia or the Yakuza and routinely carry out their orders. Go-gangers are very effective intimidators and hitmen. The gangs show little long-term loyalty to the mobs, however, and may work for the Yakuza one week and the Mafia the next.

There are five major go-gangs operating in Seattle. The Red Rovers, Eye-Fivers and Spike Wheels all clain parts of Intercity 5 as their own. The Leather Devils are ludzie who prowl Intercity 90 and the 405 Hellhounds lay claim to Intercity 405. The Red Rovers are predominatly Ork riders who call the northern stretch of Intercity 5 their home. The Eye-Fivers are a Human gang who patrol the downtown strench of the highway. The Spike Wheels are mostly Troll who control the Tacoma-Fort Lewis area. The Ancients, an Elven gang, are unique in claiming no real territory, preferring to attack a rival gang suddenly, and then dissappear almost miraculously. In addition, many smaller gangs prowl the city's smaller thoroughfares.

The gangs, when not cruising their territory, are usually hole dup in hovels, which they call their "grease pits," usually located in the poorer neighborhoods along the highways. Gang members are notorious chip and alcohol abusers. To support their habits when the Mobs have no work for them, gangs resort to extortion or to sending weaker members out as prostitutes to raise the nuyen to buy the next day's supply of booze and drugs.

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