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Jedna z dzielnic Seattle. Poniżej lista miejsc, które można tam spotkać

Puyallup is the largest district in the Seattle Metroplex, its 1,000 square kilometers stretching from the northern border with Auburn all the way to the Salish-Shidhe lands to the south and the east.

The most spectaculr geographic feature of the district is the Mowich Lava Flow, a souvenir of the rivers of burning lava that poured dwon after Mount Rainier erupted. Whole towns and villages were destroyed and lava fires burned forday, obliterating nearly all of the district's vegetation. When the lava finally cooled, it solidifed and formed kilometer long beds of black featureless rock.

The lava flow also forever altered the course of the Puyallup River. As the lava poured into the river it pushed the water up past the banks and flooded most of the low-lying plains. IN time, a new river bed was formed but some of the river water sucked beneath the flow still makes its way to the top as powerful steam geysers and lakes of toxic bubbling mud.

What Mount Rainier did not flood or scortch with lava, it blanketed with piles of ash almost two meteres thick in some places. Cutting through the heaviest air filters and choking the life out of most machine engines, a heavy layer os fine gray ash eventually covered every square kilomter of the district.

Though all of Seattle is prone to earthquakes, Puyallup suffers the most severe tremors recorded. On average the district experiences at least one major earthquake every five years.

Those who wish to visit Puyallup should do so only via an escorted Metro Transit tour or, better yet, visit the scattered tourist sites via Federated Boeing's armored helicopters.

<<Mafia and Yakuza influence in the local government makes Puyallup an ideal place to stockpile weapons, drugs and loot. The syndicates' complete comtrol over the district gives them free reign to use the area as a training camp for their recruits.

David Galucci is in control of the Mafia in Puyallup. He is the most likely successor to Don James O'Malley, the seventh generation of Galuccis to be associated with the Mafia.

Kim Marsau is head of Puyallup's Yakuza clan. Many Seolpa Rings also operate in Puyallup, only two are flourishing. One of those is the Lee Brigade run by Chun Lee, the rare Korean to have escaped the 2043 Yakuza purge of Koreans.>>

Population: 506,000

  Human: 48%
  Elf: 21%
  Dwarf: 4%
  Ork: 22%
  Troll: 4%
  Other: 1%

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