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The bloody expulsion of the Koreans from the Seattle Yakuza only fanned a centuries-old hatred between the Japanese and the Koreans. The few Korean survivors refused to give up the fight. More determined than ever to upstage and defeat the Japanese, the Koreans formed their own criminal organization.

The hundred or so survivors knew only too well they lacked the resources to outmuscle the Mafia or the Yakuza. To make the best use of their small numbers, they adopted the Seoulpa Ring system first developed by criminals and the anti-government gangs of the late 20th century.

To keep from being wiped out all at once, the Koreans scattered across the metroplex, establishing a loose network of small, semi-independent gangs or Rings. Each Ring is responsible for working one specific street or neighborhood.

Recruiting is a vital part of Seoulpa Ring strategy. Leaders of each Ring recruit up to a dozen men and women a year to join their little gangs. These are often just street toughs who believe they are joining a local gang, not a city-wide syndicate. Only if these recruits show promise fo the Ring leaders explain the real nature of Seoulpa Rings. After a year -- if they make it -- the recruits are encourage to go off and start their own Rings.

Rings can communicate and cooperate through a system of complicated codewords, symbols and computer data. The secrecy and independence between Rings ensures that if the government or the Yakuza uncover one, the other Rings will not be betrayed.

The Seoulpa Rings had little impact on the Seattle scene initially, but they became an obvious and viable threat as the Rings grew in number and skill. Because of their small size, they can react swiftly to any opportunity, often getting to a target well before the big syndicated can. Seoulpa Rings are often called "Seoulpa Squitos" on the street because they are so small, swift and nasty.

Seoulpa Rings exist through the city, earning their money by setting up small burglary and street gambling operations. On more than one oocasion, several Rings have gotten together to set up some elaborate scams, most often against Yakuza-front businesses.

<<Seoulpa Rings are also known to have an affinity for dcker crimes. Ring deckers have been getting some high-powered training and assistance from outside. Some Ring deckers were arrested carrying some very hot hardware. Further investivation revealed the decks were from Soong Electronics, a top notch Korean computer manufacturer. The one Ring decker who talked told of being taught by men with heavy Korean accents, men who refused to let the students see their faces.>>

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