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The District of Snohomish is bounded on the northeast by the lands of the Salish-Shidhe, on the southeast by the District of Redmond, on the south by the northwest by the District of Everett. The Snohomish River and its tributaries meander through flat fertile lands in the eastern half of the district. Away from the river valleys, rolling hills dominate this peaceful district.

Snohomish is one of the most sparsely populated Districts. Seventy percent of the residents work outside of Snohomish, which makes commuter traffic quite heavy along every highway going in and out of the district.

Culturally, the district has German and Scandinavian heritage.

<<The Yakuza and the Mafia have virtually no presence in this district.>>

Population: 115,000

  Human: 86%
  Elf: 6%
  Dwarf: 1%
  Ork: 5%
  Troll: 1%
  Other: 1%

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