Main Gates: 2715 NE Third Street, Renton
LTG#: 16206 (45-4897)
Chief Instructor: Richard Blood Stumper
Uprzedzenia: Brak

Knight Errant Security provides some of the best guards to protect people, places and computers. The Seattle training facility looks more like a university than a training ground. All cadets are required to excel in classes on the latest security techniques as well as complete a vigorous physical training. Each cadet is cross-trained so that Knight Errant deckers are well-acquainted with weapons and location security procedures and location guards have a thorough knowledge of computers.

Knight Errant’s training academy looks like any ivycovered university campus, but the brick and wroughtiron wall around it is fitted with sophisticated sensor suites and an electrical charge powerful enough to stun a juggernaut. The grounds hold everything needed to train KE’s top-grade security personnel in specialties from executive and physical asset protection to computer systems to astral and magical protection. If you want to find out what KE trainees learn, come here—assuming you can sleaze past the security.

>>>>>[As might be expected, security is tough. The students and faculty are all Knight Errant or Ares employees, all combat-trained and familiar with security protocol. Infiltrating the academy is difficult, to say the least.]<<<<<
-Errant Knight

>>>>>[System security is as nasty as site security. The academy uses its system to test new Matrix security measures and train KE combat deckers, so there are always at least a couple of deckers running hot new warez online at any given time, itching to kick some intruder’s virtual hoop. The system also has virtual “training grounds,” used to run simulations of different physical combat conditions and security situations.]<<<<<
-The Dead Deckers Society
“In Kibo We Trust”

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