Knight Errant jest filią Ares Macrotechnology.
Divison Head: Roger Soaring Owl
Chief Products/Services: Providing multi-faceted private and corporate security, both physical and electronic.

Knight Errant Seattle Training Academy

Main Gates: 2715 NE Third Street, Renton
LTG#: 16206 (45-4897)
Chief Instructor: Richard Blood Stumper
Uprzedzenia: Brak

Knight Errant Security provides some of the best guards to protect people, places and computers. The Seattle training facility looks more like a university than a training ground. All cadets are required to excel in classes on the latest security techniques as well as complete a vigorous physical training. Each cadet is cross-trained so that Knight Errant deckers are well-acquainted with weapons and location security procedures and location guards have a thorough knowledge of computers.

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