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Or'zet is the Ork language, developed and translated by Robert Page. It has some similarities to the Elven language, Sperethiel, both in word structure and in the fact that it seems to have appeared spontaneously after the Awakening. Unlike Sperethiel, the beginnings of Or'zet can be traced to an exact date and event, although the ancient origins of Or'zet still remain a mystery.


The beginning of Or'zet can be traced to a bequest in Dunkelzahn's Will in 2057, which stated:

"To Robert Page, I leave my copy of an ancient text that proves elves are not the only race to possess a unique language. Take pride in your heritage and continue to promote the rights of your people, for the orks have always fought to rise above the position in which others would keep them. May this document aid your struggle up from below"

Robert Page was a member of the October 25 Alliance, and he was quickly hired by Maureen Williams, another beneficiary of Dunkelzahn's Will who set up the Orkland Community Center. The text turned out to be a huge tome of metallic pages containing parallel passages written in both Sperethiel and an unknown language, presumed to be the Ork tongue. With the help of the Draco Foundation, Page was able to translate and decipher much of the text, which he called "The Or'zet Codex".

Page published his initial findings in 2060, which established the basics of the new language, dubbed "Or'zet", and disseminated the work throughout academic and social circles. While criticized for being incomplete and a fabricated language, the language was quickly picked up by both Ork rockers and various ork policlubs like the Ork Rights Committee. The Orkland Community Center began actively teaching it in 2061, but was stopped short by a raid from the local dictator General Saito. It was rumored that the language was being used as a clandestine communication for the Resistance. Page disappeared and has not been seen since.

However, the cat was already let out of the bag, so to speak. Or'zet related research and material was spread across the Matrix, and within a few months, Yamatetsu subsidiary MetaErgonomics produced the Or'zet linguasoft, cementing the language in the fabric of the society. The language then became popularized through the lyrics of various Ork Rockers, including CrimeTime's Djoto, the first album to be made almost entirely in Or'zet.

Common words in Or'zet

Or'zet is uniquely suited to the dense jaw and throat structure of Orks and Trolls, incorporating deeper, gutteral sounds. Also, pronounciation is difficult without tusks. Thus, it is difficult to correctly speak the language for those who are not Orks or Trolls.

  • buunda - Expletive, often accompanied by an obscene gesture (i.e. the finger).
  • cerri - sibling, alang: chummer
  • djoto - Way of life, slang: life of crime or SINless
  • drundeah - Execution, slang: to murder someone
  • egrand - Protector, slang: crime lord
  • egrand'rohodo - slang: a pimp or a girlfriend's parents
  • ereth - home
  • ereth'cerri - slang: ghetto or turf
  • eth - group, slang: gang
  • eunabo - best pick of the lot, slang:sexually desirable
  • fahd - sacrifice, slang: personal sacrifice for a friend
  • glok - runner, slang: shadowrunner
  • grumoge - to fight, slang: a brawl (screamed before starting a fight)
  • hez - tusk, slang: an ork's courage, nerve, and sexual prowess
  • hurlg - alcohol
  • norgoz - weapon (typically "gun")
  • quaalz - idiocy, idiomatic: "full of quaalz"
  • rohodo - sex
  • skraa - a greeting ("Hello!")
  • tharon - dead, slang: corporate
  • turgma - traitor
  • ujnort - non-Orks
  • vrukart - boyfriend
  • vruken - girlfriend
  • vut - expletive, ("drek")
  • wejoto - Against the way, rebellion
  • yerz - money
  • zakhan - enemy


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