Kong-Wal Mart: Begun in 1962 by a slot named Sam Walton, Wal-Mart, as it was up until around the Crash of '29 before merging with Kong-Hai Inc., started out as a Ma-n-Pa kind of chain store with a wide variety of merchandise. They quickly branched out into grocery stores, warehouse clubs and discount outlets, all with the idea of getting nearly anything you need for very cheap. The idea is still true today, although the image has gotten away from the down-home and into the slick hustle-and-jive it's become.
Here you can get just about anything your little heart desires, from cheap plastisteel furniture for your doss, to electronics like Radio Shack and Allegiance Sigma decks and Sony's simsense rigs and music playback units, to knockoffs of Armanté and Zoë, to chips, stuffers, anti-pollution gear, and cheap souvenirs of whatever area you're unfortunate enough to be stuck in. Rumor has it that, if you know the right people to talk to in any given store location, they can hook you up with some illegal hardware of all kinds very quickly, for a slightly more elevated price than they might advertise in the store if they could sell the stuff openly.

Prices: thumbs up. We all get low on cred and anxious at times, especially when there's a Stage Red smog alert outside and you need a breather, fast.
Speed of Service: thumbs up. Yeah, they can drag their hoops at times, but most of the time they're good about getting your stuff through the checker and you out the door. Quicker service to the scummier-looking, too. The place may not be Mom and Pop anymore, but they get enough families in there that they hustle the 'unwanted' out the door soon's possible. Look, finally an upside to being street meat!
Quality: thumbs down. Why? Guess you've never bought their crap before....

> She's right about the hardware. You've got to be desperate to go that route, though, because what they've got is usually either very
cheap or very hot, fresh-stolen from whatever unlucky skag had it last. Anyway, you get anything from them, and you're a walking
time-bomb, pretty much. Either your gear malfunctions at the wrong time or the guy and his friends come looking for the folks that
boosted his stuff.
> Hard Target (12:02:46/3-12-60)

> I was wondering where my shock glove went off to!
> EZMark (12:11:52/3-12-60)

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