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Kyle Haeffner
Order: 8/53th President
Term of Office: 2057 - 2064
Predecessor: Dunkelzahn
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Date of Death:
Place of Death:
First Lady:
Profession: lawyer
Political Party: independent
Vice President: Nadja Daviar

Kyle Haeffner, a lawyer from Boston area, was the running mate of Dunkelzahn during the UCAS Special Presidential Election of 2057 on an independent ticket, which they won by a narrow margin. After Dunkelzahn's Assassination on Inaguration's Eve, Kyle Haeffner was sworn in as the 8th President of the UCAS and 53rd President of the Union. He was overwheelmingly re-elected into office in 2060 and is running for a third term in 2064.

Haeffner policy as a president is considered as following the ideas and trail of Dunkelzahn in fighting racism, exclusion and poverty. After his reelection in 2060, Haeffner also made moves to strengthen UCAS international ties, signing trade agreements with Great Britain, Quebec and Tir Tairngire on a national level where things have rather been made at a corporate level in the past years.

As Dunkelzahn served the shortest Presidential term ever in US and UCAS history, Kyle Haeffner served the shortest Vice-Presidential term ever. It makes its tenure of the position mostly insignificant. He was the twelfth Vice-President of the Union to succede to presidency, and the second one in UCAS history.

Kyle Haeffner first wife Alice was a member of Echo Mirage and was killed in action in 2029.

President Kyle Haeffner
Vice-President Nadja Daviar
State Neil Hamblin
Treasury Roger Tanaka
Defense Andrew Maykrantz (in 2057)
Michael Broeder (in 2061)
Justice Mina Pantorelli
Agriculture Robert Cermont
Business Anna Laws
Resources Nolan Pulver
Human Services Annette Sanchez
Health Dr. Ignaz Yablonski
Information Richard Chen


The Haeffner cabinet is the first in UCAS history to include metahumans and awakened: Vice-President Nadja Daviar and Secretary of Agriculture Robert Cermont are elves, Secretary of Resources Nolan Pulver is a dwarf, Surgeon General Ignaz Yablonski is a magician (the former Chief Forensic Magician of Seattle). Another 15 undersecretaries are orks or trolls.

It has never been confirmed or infirmed that Haeffner appointment were those President Dunkelzahn planned to make, and which ones were on the dragon's list.