Shadowrun: Duels - Kolekcjonerska gra figurkowa firmy WizKids.

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Background: Kyushi Matazumi grew up in the Watada clan, which controls a powerful criminal organization, the Yakuza. Kyushi was trained to serve as a warrior and assassin for the clan. She flourished under the harsh discipline and soon earned her irezumi (family tattoo). Two years ago she was given a mystic dragon amulet as a token of high esteem from the clan. She was then dispatched to Hanzo Shotozumi, the leader (oyabun) of the Seattle Yakuza.

The Watada clan instilled conservative and traditional values in Kyushi: the concepts of jingi (respect for superiors), giri (duty to others) and ninjo (compassion for the less fortunate). As a result, Kyushi is extremely loyal to her superiors, honorable to her opponents, and protective of those less fortunate than herself. Her ultimate loyalty, however, is to her clan and the local Yakuza organization.

The local Yakuza sometimes lends out Kyushi's services, so that she may work as an agent of corporations, governments or other shadowrunners (but never rival criminal organizations). In addition, the clan allows Kyushi to become involved in personal matters (effectively pro bono work), as long as they do not interfere with her loyalty to the organization. Indeed, the more information she picks up about the activity of others in Seattle, the more useful she is to the Yakuza.

Kyushi, for her part, is frustrated by her experiences in Seattle. She believes that many of the natives have no concept of personal honor, and, worse yet, some members of the local Yakuza have forgotten the basic concept of honor as well. She seeks to live up to her training by showing them that one may be honorable without being naive and may show mercy to the weak while being merciless to one's foes.

Tactics and Secrets: Kyushi is best using her 24"" green long-range and damage bonus. Even if she gets into a tight spot, her flak jacket will offer some protection against short-range and close-combat attacks until she can maneuver to a longer range. Her dragon amulet gives her a red 4-sider with which she can enhance any die roll. Equip her knife and her Walther PB-120 for a couple of yellow close-combat dice, and you just might want to keep her close. Alternatively, equip her Walther MA-2100 for a green 10-sider. Able to roll an ace for a Called Shot, she has the potential to make short work of any opposing shadowrun team.

General Information Name Kyushi Type N/A Rank N/A Point Value 2 Collector's Number 002 Rarity N/A Tournament Status Active

Additional Information Ares Viper Slivergun Slots:2 Colt M22A2 Slots:5 Damage Bonus Dice Dragon Amulet Slots:3 Knife Slots:1 Vest/Flak Jacket Slots:3

Set Shadowrun: Duels Set 1



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