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Typ: Go-gang
Teren: droga międzymiastowa 90
Kolory: Czarny czerwony
Rasa: Ludzie

The Leather Devils[]

The Leather Devils Go-Gang controls most of I-90, which runs east-west through Bellevue. The Devils do a lot of work for the Mafia in the district. The intersection of 90 and 405 in Factoria is a regular battleground between the Devils and the 405 Hellhounds. The Devils’ colors are red and black and they wear a smiling red devil’s head on the back of their jackets. The leader of the Leather Devils, who calls himself Damien, claims to be a mage.

> I’m afraid I must disagree. Damien is no mage. I’ve assensed his aura and it shows no magical ability whatsoever. He has customized cybereyes that glow and similar implants that he combines with misdirection and the skills of a stage-magician to produce “magical” feats. He cultivates the image of a “mysterious and wicked sorcerer” to make other people fear him and keep the rest of the gang in line. > Silicon Mage

> Could Damien have been masking his aura from you? > Miss Tick

> That’s possible, but I doubt it. If he was, then Damien not only has an unusual amount of cyberware for a mage, but he knows more of the higher mysteries than I do, which I find hard to believe (all modesty aside, again, it would be difficult for a mage to be that powerful with that much cyberware). > Silicon Mage


The gang is also known to be completely made of gay males (don't accept any female members) and have made the leather bars of Bellevue their favourite hang-around. After the death of Damien, who issued a realy stupid challenge to a real mage in 2067 and didn't survive longer than two minutes, the new leader is a human who calls himself Asmo and tries to lead the gang into the next decade. 1

1318 Leather Devils Gang (miniaturki)[]



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