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The Leviathon is a large, carnivorous whale that resembles its non-Awakened cousin, the Killer Whale (Grampus orca). It's an aggressive hunter, preying on not only walruses and seals, but also smaller whales, including its own cousin. Due to the size of the creature, it's only known natural enemies are krakens, megalodons and metahumanity.

This carnivorous whale reaches an average length of 20 meters; it resembles a killer whale, but with a broader and flat-ter body. An aggressive predator, it feeds on smaller whales and other marine mammals and can remain underwater for up to an hour without surfacing for air.

B: 11/2 Q: 5 x 3 S: 10 C:I: 2/4 W: 3 E: 6 R: 5

INIT: 5 + 1D6
Attacks: 10D
Powers: Enhanced Senses (Sonar), Mimicry

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