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  • Liada - Elven Street Mage (Elfka, uliczny mag)
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Background: Liada grew up in Tir Tairngire, an elven-dominated nation to the south of Seattle. Bridling against what she saw as the repressive traditions of her elders, Liada took off for the more open, diverse culture of the metroplex.

She both likes and hates what she has found there. While she thrives on the diversity and energy of her new home, Liada is appalled by the pollution, waste and rampant destruction evident in the human urban areas. She soon fell in with ecologically minded groups, and her first runs were eco-terror attacks against corporations. Since going independent she has shown a preference for corporate targets, but she will work for anyone if the money is good. If she can slow, confuse, delay or defeat the corps' efforts to pave over the Earth, she will consider it a victory.

Liada sees herself as a friend of nature and a force of chaos. No tactic is too low, no shot is too cheap, no possibility to attack is ignored. Ambushes, backstabbing and traps are all street-legal as far as she is concerned. She claims the fact that most of her targets are non-elves has nothing to do with her unethical tactics. The harsh weight of authority in her native land has given her a strong distaste for bullies.

Liada makes her home in the bohemian district of Capitol Hill, near downtown, but she is frequently on the move, squatting in abandoned buildings near potential targets. Her needs are few, and her possessions can fit into a small shoulder satchel. She has slept on the street more times than she can count, and when she comes into money after a successful run, she usually spends some of the cash on trinkets for her friends and plows the rest of it into nature-friendly groups.

Tactics and Secrets: She’s got the movement and the mojo for your shadowrun. As an elf, Liada starts out with some heavy-duty movement dice, which are also handy for dodging. Liada’s 24"" red magic track allows her to roll red dice by themselves and also lets her heal at a distance in Campaign games. Liada’s magic and close-combat damage bonuses make her a good choice for melee or distance combat. Equip her with a couple of red 4-siders from teammates and your chances of coming up with a Major Mojo ace for extra damage improve greatly—but watch out for Bad Karma!

General Information Name Liada Type N/A Rank N/A Point Value 3 Collector's Number 003 Rarity N/A Tournament Status Active

Additional Information Air Spirit Slots:8 Cloak Slots:2 Combat Spell Amulet Slots:4 Damage Bonus Dice Shoulder Pouch (Reaction Focus) Slots:2 Wand (Manipulation Focus) Slots:4

Set Shadowrun: Duels Set 1




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