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Informacje[] Figurka jednego z bohaterów gry Shadowrun: Duels

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Lothan claims to have been among the first humans who became trolls during the Goblinization of 2021, and also the first troll to embrace the path of magic. While there is some doubt as to the truthfulness of these statements, no one has challenged them to Lothan's face. This is because, while there are more accomplished mages in the world, Lothan the Wise is an extremely powerful combat mage at the street level, both physically and magically.

Lothan is a grizzled veteran on the Seattle scene, predating the other runners by years. He has broken in a number of rookie runners on their first jobs, and those who survived the experience speak highly (if sometimes fearfully) of the great troll. He has knowledge of the arcane and the local scene that makes him a dangerous opponent.

The only thing greater than Lothan's depth of knowledge is his ego. Supremely confident in his own abilities, Lothan expects others to recognize his prowess and pay him suitable respect. He taunts his opponents in combat, pointing out their weak spots and making suggestions for their personal improvement. He claims to be beyond the needs of material wealth, making runs only to demonstrate his supreme abilities and serve as a model for less talented individuals.

Tactics and Secrets[]

He’s a magic troll. Not necessarily a smart or fast one, but who needs smarts when you’ve got magic? Although his 12"" red magic range might seem short and his Head value low, don’t let that stop you from taking this powerhouse. Use those red dice from his Fireball Satchel to augment his short-range and close-combat attacks, or even his movement—you’ll see why Lothan is a good choice for your shadowrun team. Lothan’s deeper-than-average Body dial allows him to take punishment while he covers the rest of the team. Combine all that with his metahuman attack values, and just about any opposing shadowrun team will be scrambling for their dodge dice.

Informacje ogólne[]

Name Lothan the Wise
Typ N/A
Rank N/A
Point Value 4
Collector's Number 005
Rarity N/A
Tournament Status Aktywny

Informacje dodatkowe[]

Clairvoyance Talisman Slots:2
Damage Bonus
Fireball Satchal Slots:6
Med kit Slots:1
Sawed off Mossberg CMDT Slots:4
Staff Slots:5


Shadowrun: Duels Set 1





Zawartość zestawu[]

  • One fully articulated action figure
  • One combat dial base, which opens for storage of equipment and accessories
  • An assortment of interchangeable weapons, gadgets, and armor with corresponding dice
  • Tape ruler
  • Rulebook


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