Despite the name, Loveland is not a nice neighborhood. In fact, this area along the western border of the district, near Route 7, is one of the roughest sections of the Barrens. Loveland is packed with squatters, chippushers, thieves, gang members and prostitutes. The area is split down the middle between the Mafia and the Yakuza; both syndicates rake in nuyen selling various services to the inhabitants of Puyallup and Tacoma, as well as to soldiers on leave from Fort Lewis looking for a night on the town. Fighting between the two mobs is frequent and bloody, and both sides have become more aggressive in recent years.

> Almost any scandal involving Fort Lewis soldiers leads back to Loveland. The Mafia and the Yakuza also use the neighborhood as a stop on the smuggling route through Puyallup and into Tacoma, right up Route 7. Lone Star has increased patrols along the route, which has actually led to an increase in go-gang activity as both syndicates pay the gangers to run interference for their operations.

> Ridge Runner

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