Martin Vincenzo
Order: 2/47th President
Term of Office: 2037 - 2041
Predecessor: Andrew MacAlister
Successor: Carl Preston
Date of Birth:
Place of Birth:
Date of Death:
Place of Death:
First Lady:
Profession: businessman
Political Party: Technocrat
Vice President: Vernon Washington

Martin Vincenzo, a businessman from Boston, was the 2nd President of the UCAS and the 47th President of the Union.

His election in 2036 hailed several changes in the political arena. He was first and foremost the first candidate to a presidential election for the Technocratic Party, and thus the first to be elected. His election was also the first that did not involve the southern states who secessed in 2034, although his predecessor Andrew MacAlister had already been reelected primarily by the Northeastern and Canadian states. Finally, Vincenzo was the first president since Abraham Lincoln to run with a Vice-Presidential candidate from another party, in his case the Republican Vernon Washington. Several other candidates did the same since, including the Democrat/Technocrat winning ticket of Alan Adams in 2048 and 2052.

Martin Vincenzo was likely to be the first President of the Union (USA/UCAS) of italian descent, and only the second of roman catholic faith, after John F. Kennedy. Vincenzo is also currently the only President in the (short) history of the UCAS not to be reelected at the end of his first term (Dunkelzahn also held only one term, but died before having to run for reelection). The Noc Gniewu racial riots and the Sears Tower bombing of 2039 were probably decisive factors in his defeat.

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