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Typ Smok wschodni
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Forma Metaludzka młody filipińczyk
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Tłumacz Summer Crosbie

Masaru is the youngest of the known Great Dragons, and he is primarily seen as a political mover and shaker in the Philippines, particularly with the Huk and the revolution against the Japanese occupation. He is a black Eastern Dragon with shading to blue on the underbelly and white horns. In human form, he typically takes the form of a young human Filipino businessman. He is known as Mameleu to the Filipinos, the Hiligaynan snakelike dragon that eats the moon and shakes the earth. (cp.56)

Masaru is known for his keen and intense interest in metahumanity, particularly in the causes of the downtrodden (as is the case in the Philippines and Yomi Island) and in works of metahuman art. He also has an intense interest in metahuman magic techniques. He has shown interest in reviving Dunkelzahn's trid show, "Wyrm Talk", and is a generous patron of the arts, helping to revive the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art and the New Library of Alexandria in Egypt. He also helps organize and manage the World Wildlife Fund. His current translator is a woman by the name of Summer Crosbie, a former newscaster for KSAF and an eyewitness to the attacks made by Ghostwalker.


Masaru first Awakened during a full lunar eclipse from underneath Mt. Mayan, Luzon on April 15, 2014. In 2042, by unknown means, Masaru "ascended" to the status of great dragon. At this point, he buys a sprawling Vancouver Island complex. In 2057, Downtown Seattle briefly sees a fight between Masaru, unknown gunmen, and Lone Star. It ends when Masaru retrieved a large black case and flies back to his lair. Masaru's manifesto is published on Shadowland in 2059, detailing his plan for a Filipino independence. In February 2063, the Huk, with Masaru's backing, spark a revolution against the Japanese occupations force and participate in the liberation of Yomi Island.

Relationship with other Dragons[]

As far as his relationship with other dragons, he maintains an air of youthful respect for his elders. He greatly admires and respects Hestaby and the late Dunkelzahn. His focus on the Philippines puts him directly in the middle of the struggles between Lung and Ryumyo. He avoids any interaction with Lofwyr, and has maintained some distance with Ghostwalker as well, although he views Ghostwalker with high regard. He has a friendly relationship with Celedyr, and it is rumored that the Welsh dragon was given custody of Masaru's egg (perhaps the same egg that was contested in his 2057 appearance in Seattle).

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