Searching is an exclusive action. You can't do anything else while searching. You can perform a number of searches equal to half your Intelligence at the same time.

Skill Roll: Computer (Search Operations) (Cannot use Hacking Pool, Can use Task Pool if you have the appropriate Knowledge Skill)

Base TN: Dependent on type of search -

  • Simple (Public Records) 4
  • Standard (Private and Pay Sites, 10 nuyen/hour) 5
  • Detailed (Money Trails, Confidential Information, 25 nuyen/hour) 8

Base Time:

  • Simple 1d6 hours,
  • Standard 2d6 hours,
  • Detailed 1d3 Days
  • If using a shitty cyberdeck, double the time (Less than 2 points of Response Increase)
  • If using a Tortoise, triple the time

Situational Modifiers Edytuj

  • Character has appropriate Knowledge skill of 3+ -1 TN
  • Character has appropriate Knowledge skill of 6+ -2 TN
  • Character wants to keep a low profile +2 TN
  • Character is conducting more than one search at a time +1 TN per additional search
  • Character is using a cyberterminal +2 TN (double the base time)
  • Character is using Cold ASIST +1 TN (note: No decker worth their salt would be using Cold ASIST)
  • Character has Matrix Initiative of 4d6 or higher -1 TN
  • General Matrix Search +0 TN (less specific information, more "trash")
  • ...and Character has appropriate data haven/database contacts -2 TN
  • ...and Character has Etiquette (Matrix) of 5+ -1 TN
  • ...and Search is not restricted to one RTG +1 TN per additional RTG
  • Specific Database Search +/- X TN (variable modifier, better information)
  • ... and Character has Browse of 6+ -1 TN (time to upgrade, Steve)
  • Character is using a Dumb Frame to help -1 TN
  • Character is using a Smart Frame to help -2 TN
  • Character is using an Agent to help -3 TN
  • ...and the Frame/Agent has a Browse of 6+ -1 TN
  • ...and the Frame/Agent has a core of 6+ -1 TN

Wrong party roll Edytuj

(i.e. The SR-o-meter):

  • Each area search +1 dice
  • Each General Matrix search +3 dice
  • Roll dice against a target number of 6, 10 if the character is low profile.
  • Each success equals one bump on the SRometer.

Results Edytuj

  • Divide successes to either generate information as below or to reduce your search time.
  • 1 Success - General Info ... not quite what you were looking for, but may provide a lead for another search (the GM gives you a hint)
  • 2 Successes - The basic data you wanted (Just the facts, nothing more)
  • 3 Successes - More details plus a new lead (Details, plus the GM can push you on the right direction)
  • 4 Successes - The full details plus a new lead or two (as above)
  • 5 Successes - All the juicy bits you wanted to know, plus some that you didn't want to know (The GM tells you some plot information related to your search)

Sample databases Edytuj

  • Federal Records - Federal Election Commission : -1 Search Modifier, current data on election results, people in office, campaign contributors, total money spent, etc.
  • State Records - DMV : +1 Search Modifier, personal info (name, SIN, DOB, photo, visual correction, fingerprints, vehicle registrations).
  • County Records - Department of Corrections : +3 Search Modifier, inmates, parole, "missing" criminals, transfers, implants, offenses, vital stats
  • City Records - Building Permits : +0 Search Modifier, ownership of deeds, construction firm contracts, special licenses (including security permits). Extraterritorial corps do NOT have this information on file.
  • Consumer Records - Intel-XS : -1 Search Modifier, credit ratings, purchases, credit histories, billing addresses, marketing profiles
  • Media Records - Newsnet Morgue : +2 Search Modifier, shitcanned stories, clips that never aired
  • Security Records - Lone Star Criminal Archive : +1 Search Modifier, arrest records, psych profiles, phone tap recordings, vehicle registrations, medical histories.
  • Matrix Records - The Memory Well : +2 Search Modifier, chat/newsgroup archives, e-zines, mailing lists, message boards
  • Business Records - Dun and Bradstreet's Index : +0 Search Modifier, corp shares, stock info, sales volume, quarterlies, top executives, parent companies
  • Scientific Records - Nanonet Journal Archives : -1 Search Modifier, back issues of science journals, corp/academic scientist profiles
  • Magical Records - Business Thaumaturgy Datanet Archives : +1 Search Modifier, magical research, applications of magic, announcements and buy/sell ads

The SearchBuddy 1000 Edytuj

New from Fuchi! The SearchBuddy 1000! Ever need a little help when looking for information online? Trying to avoid those annoying porn and get-rich-quick pop-ups? The SearchBuddy 1000 is your answer. A state of the art frame system with the heart and soul of a loyal dog, SearchBuddy 1000 helps you retrieve information when you need it. Also, try our SearchHound 2000, SearchAgent 4000 models, for even larger performance gains!

  • SearchBuddy 1000: Cost - 60 Mp, 9200 nuyen
  • SearchHound 2000: Cost - 76 Mp, 11200 nuyen
  • SearchAgent 4000: Cost - 396 Mp, 79200 nuyen

OOC: This is mostly for Steve, but it is applicable to anyone who wants to run a matrix search. The SearchBuddy is simply a frame program in three sizes loaded with a Browse 6 utility. The SearchBuddy cost includes the utility... if you have your own Browse 6 utility, you can dock 7200 nuyen from the total cost. Smart deckers will note that they can strip the Browse 6 from the Frame, essentially giving them a free Fuchi program. The SearchAgent 4000 is designed to carry a Sleaze 6 in addition to its Browse, allowing Deckers to log into a system, drop off the Agent, and have it run searches without the Decker doing any work, or getting caught.


  • SearchBuddy 1000 - Smart Frame rating 2 (1 in each Persona attribute), 1 Pilot Rating, 6 Payload (loaded with a Browse 6 by default), -3 bonus to Matrix Searches
  • SearchHound 2000 - Agent Frame rating 2 (1 in each Persona attribute), 3 Pilot Rating, 6 Payload (loaded with a Browse 6 by default), -4 bonus to Matrix Searches
  • SearchAgent 4000 - Agent Frame rating 6 (Bod 1, Sensor 4, Masking 6, Evasion 1), 6 Pilot Rating, 5d6 initiative dice, 12 Payload (loaded with a Browse 6 by default), -5 bonus to Matrix Searches