Sojowy odpowiednik McDonald's-a.

McHugh's: The home of the golden goalposts, this bastion of the ‘average person’ is wildly popular. This is due in mega-gigantic part to several things: 1) safety is such an issue there that if you’re not safe at a McHugh’s, you’re not safe anywhere, 2) you always know what’s at a McHugh’s… the menu never changes, despite the ‘for a limited time only’ tack-ons to bring in customers, and 3) cheap, cheap, cheap. You can feed a family of four (even if your ‘family’ happens to be a crew of four Troll sammies) for less than what it’d cost you to pick up spare medkit supplies, if you catch my spin. Yeah, the food’s soy, and it ain’t gourmet tofu, but you’ll fill your hole with grub quick, easy, and without worrying about gaining a hole in your brainpan. Makes you wanna know who’s behind all this, huh? Well chums, we all know that McHugh’s used to be called another ‘Mc’ that shall remain nameless just because of the acrimonious arguments still flying around. Apparently the folks that originally owned the superchain are still smarting from the name change, among other things. The person, or entities, now in ownership has remained pretty anonymous except for the whipping boy they call their mascot, “Doughall McHugh”. The only thing I’ve been able to find out, so far, is that these jokers are way paranoid. Works out nova in the end for us proles, though, because as crazy as it sounds, I’ve had a few really wiz chummers of mine use those places as neutral ground for any transactions that they’re feeling iffy about. Tends to put a damper on anyone thinking of pulling out heat.

Prices: thumbs up. What’d I tell ya… scrounge a few cred and soon you’re chowing on ‘The Hugh’ with cheesefood. Doesn’t get much better’n that.
Speed of Service: thumbs up. Yessir, Nossir, ya want fries with that?
Quality: thumbs up. Okay, so it’s flash-frozen soy that’s just warmed up in microwave ovens, but at least you don’t have to worry about finding ‘tail of devil rat’ in your food.

> Be careful of what you pack when you go in… don’t let the friendly looking faces of the McHugh’s guards fool you into
thinking they’re vacant upstairs. They pay special attention to the proles that carry. And don’t think that your longcoat’s
gonna hide your piece; they’ve got metal and chemical detectors built into the doorframes, and the info about who’s
carrying finds its way to the earpieces the guards wear.
> Hard Target (12:06:49/3-12-60)

> You sure are a font of information, Hard Target. Makes us wonder where you get it.
> Screamin’ Neon (14:24:07/3-12-60)

> This from a guy that works for the company that developed the Neuro-Stun VIII gas that McHugh’s got installed in their
ventilation shafts? Yeah, I’ve got information. Think on that.
> Hard Target (14:37:18/3-12-60)

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