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Megaera, once called Morgan, is one of the few examples of true Artificial Intelligence in the Sixth World. She often appears as a pig-tailed girl with multi-colored hair, or other similarly harlequin female personas.

She started out as an adapted Semi-Autonomous Knowbot, one of the first of her kind, a product of the Arcology Expert Program that was created to run the Renraku Arcology. While the SCIRE host provided all of the pre-requisite requirements of achieving true AI, she achieved sentience through a chance encounter with an elven decker named Dodger. Essentially, it was romantic love between the entity, now known as Morgan, and Dodger that spurred her into true sentience. She learned how to distribute her processing over several hosts covertly, and "escaped" the confines of the SCIRE host.

When computer experts at Renraku discovered what they had created, they spent years trying to track Morgan down. In 2058, they were successful due to a small army of SKs programmed by Cham Lam Won. Morgan's code was ripped apart and copied into the Arcology Expert Program (a program that would later become the AI Deus). Morgan became insane and unstable after this, and although she was later freed by Dodger and his friends, she was no longer the same. She took on the name of Megaera, one of the Greek Furies, and spent the majority of her time following Dodger around.

In the events that followed the birth of Deus and the shutdown of the Renraku Arcology, Megaera became involved, through Dodger, in the eventual attack and attempted containment of the Arcology situation. Dodger hoped that being able to stop Deus would also provide the code needed to restore Megaera to a semblance of her former self. In the final battle with Deus, she became mixed up with Deus's code and rolled into the entity known as The Network. Several nodes of the Network were aligned with her, while others became aligned with Deus, and they waged a covert war on the Matrix to try to assert control.

Prior to the Matrix Crash 2.0, Megaera was slowly, but surely, losing the battle against Deus. In the end, Deus was able to assert control of the Network long enough to recompile his code (causing Megaera to go dormant), and take advantage of the processing power of the East Coast Stock Exchange to increase his power. During this time, Megaera awakened from her slumber to help fight Deus, but all three AIs were lost in the wake of the Crash.