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7302: Mercurial

Released: 1989
Author: Paul R. Hume
ISBN: 1-55560-116-2
Price: $8.00
Pages: 80
Edition: First
Status/Availability: out of print/rare
Plot: The PCs are hired to protect mega-rockstar Maria Mercurial, alledgedly from her former manager. In truth Aztechnology and a Yakuza clan are working together (and with Maria's new manager, the person who actually hired the PCs) to capture Maria and retrieve valuable data she is carrying in her headware memory, but which she does not know about. Hit teams come after Maria at various points, and when the PCs think it's all over (because their contract is over), Aztechnology decides to take care of the witnesses—naturally, the player characters—by having one of their operatives, the dragon Perianwyr, breathe fire on the team's hideout. A few enquiries lead the PCs to the hiding place of the Aztechnology team, and it ends in a big firefight which, hopefully, ends with the PCs as the winners. Thoughts: A problem area in the adventure is the transition between part 1 (hiding Maria for five days) and part 2 (dealing with Aztechnology), since part 2 seems to assume that part 1 ends differently than it does (to be precise, part 1 seems to assume Maria is in the PCs' custody, while part 2 seems to be written on the assumption that Aztechnology captured her). This requires some creativity on the gamemaster's part.
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Survey Rating: 6.9 (20 votes)

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