20-504: Metahuman Street Samurai Edytuj

Price: $5.50
Figures: 3
Parts: 3
Author: Dennis Mize, Tom Meier
Publish Date: 2001
Overview: This set is an improvement over the Human Street Samurai in that the figures are generally better. The set includes, from small to large, a dwarf, an ork, and a troll. *The dwarf, however, has the problem most Ral Partha Shadowrun dwarfs seem to suffer from: he's dressed like an idiot. This character wears a uniform reminiscent of the late 18th/early 19th century (complete with monocle) but with "high-tech"/"modern" additions, like a groinal protector; his weapons I can't identify from FASA books.

  • The ork is much better, wearing more sensible shadowrunner clothing (leather jacket, baseball cap, and some kind of aviator's G-suit trousers). He's waving a big spiked club over his head, and carries an SCK 100 SMG and a few handgrenades.
  • The troll is better still, even though he's about a head too short for a true troll, even with his mohawk. His armament is impressive, being a belt-fed Panther assault cannon, an Ingram smartgun, and a troll-sized katana. Easily the best of the pack.
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