4th Avenue and Seneca Street

The thirty-story Charles Royer Building houses the offices of the governor and the mayor of Downtown Seattle, in addition to those of the metroplex government. Two bronze statues guard the front of the building: one of Chief Sealth, the other of Charles C. Lindstrom, the founder of the metroplex. The Metroplex Congress meets in the Hall to hand down the big decisions. Not surprisingly, security is hyper-tight.

>>>>>[ The Metroplex Records system is a useful one to deck into for access to public records from departments like Motor Vehicles. If you’re trying to track down someone who has a SIN, this is a good place to start looking. Some records are available to the public with a valid SIN (real or fake). The host has high but non-lethal security—lots of trace ice that can have a Lone Star squad knocking on your door in minutes if you aren’t careful, but nothing that'll damage you or your deck.]<<<<<
- The Dead Deckers Society
"In Kibo We Trust"

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