FANDOM Shadowrun: Duels - Kolekcjonerska gra figurkowa firmy WizKids.


  • Midnight – Covert Ops Specialist; elfka-włamywaczka
  • Numer katalogowy: WZK6408
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General Information Name Midnight Type N/A Rank N/A Point Value 2 Collector's Number 008 Rarity N/A Tournament Status Active

Additional Information Belt / Smoke Grenades Slots:4 Ceska Black Scorpion w/ Silencer Slots:3 Damage Bonus Dice Grapple Line Slots:4 Narcoject Slots:1 Stun Baton Slots:2

Set ShadowRun: Duels Set 2





Shadowrun® Duels Action Figure Game: Series Two Shadowrun® Duels Index Midnight


•One fully articulated action figure •One combat dial base, which opens for storage of equipment and accessories •5 pieces of interchangeable gear with corresponding dice •Unique tape measure •Tape ruler •Rulebook


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WizKids expands Shadowrun Duels with more of the coolest-looking figures on the market. Each figure stands on a “clickable” base that records three combat stats and stores all accessories needed for game play. They are fully poseable, and each figure comes with five pieces of gear that can alter the outcome of every game.

Individual Contents: • One fully articulated action figure • One combat dial base which opens for storage of equipment and accessories • 5 pieces of interchangeable gear with corresponding dice • Unique tape measure • Game rules

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In this blister, the miniature of Midnight the cover-ops specialist is provided. Shadowrun Duels is a miniature game allowing two players to confront each other in the world of Shadowrun where technology and magic are entangled. Each miniature can be customized with different weapons, the combat-dial base keep track of its statistic and hold all its gear.

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